My New, Favorite Mug

Isn't she beautiful?            I am so happy about my new mug!  It’s slightly misshapen with a matte brown finish and a gorgeous, jade colored interior.  It’s cozy and beautiful, and I love it so much…  Is that crazy?

Okay, I’ll admit it; I can be obsessed with coffee mugs.  It’s an addiction that I’ve struggled with off and on since I first started drinking hot beverages as a kid.  My collection has grown and then dwindled over the years, and I’ve really worked hard to abstain from buying every cool or interesting new mug I encounter.

But then it happened – the slip.   I turned down the kitchen accessories aisle of our local market, which can be an iffy proposition.  I was just cutting through to get to the dairy section when this mug caught my eye.  Even the pattern name “Galaxy Jade” was alluring.  Before I knew it, she (my new mug) was safely tucked between the frozen corn and the barbequed potato chips, and I was on my way to get yogurt and butter.

My overabundance of mugs has been an issue between my wife and I since we first moved in together, so I knew this could be trouble.  She simply doesn’t understand how I could need (really?) another mug when we have plenty of perfectly good coffee cups sitting in the cupboard.  I definitely got the stink eye when it showed up on the counter, full of coffee, the next morning.

“Where’d that come from?”

“I bought it.”


I hesitated for only a moment.

“Because I wanted it.”

Sometimes, you just have to own your addictions, take responsibility, and move on with the determination to do better next time.   After all, I haven’t bought any new pens or notebooks (another obsession) in quite a long time…  Oh wait, scratch that.  I did just buy a three-pack of green notepads on sale at Target the other day.  But I offered to share.

What are your obsessions and how do you deal with them?


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I am a writer living in Southern California.
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12 Responses to My New, Favorite Mug

  1. Great blog, Julia! I am constantly obsessed with something — a book, a movie, a television show. I have never been obsessed with coffee mugs. I did recently realize that I have a growing collection of heart-shaped objects on my desk. Must be an obsession!

    • julia blake says:

      I recently inherited a couple of heart shaped bookends from my mom. They have yet to multiply, but I have kept them separated. You never know what’ll happen.

  2. Hi Julia – I like the looks of that mug, too.
    My obsession has to do with buying e-books. Whispernet is far, far too enabling. I remind myself I have xx number of books waiting to be read, yet in pops that bookbub e-mail and dang if there isn’t yet another book I MUST have. Yeah, get in line book. It may be a long time before your day on the Kindle.

  3. Cute. I like little dishes. Not just for food, but for change, jewelry, paper clips, etc.

  4. janieemaus says:

    I have too many to go into here. But I do have a favorite mug!

  5. Hi Julia,

    Hey, mugs are useful! Plus the beverage always seems a bit sweeter in a pretty container. 🙂

    I grapple with book addiction. It’s become much less apparent to hubs since I got my first ereader a few years ago, but it’s still there. The credit card statement gives me up every month!

    • julia blake says:

      I’m totally with you on the book addiction. It’s true, I no longer have stacks and stacks of evidence since switching to an e-reader but that credit card bill is a stinker.

  6. camibrite says:

    I might be a little obsessed with the upcoming Outlander series…

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